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Emdiq Premium Sleeve for Reusable Hot / Cold Gel

£1.99 (exc VAT)

Emdiq sleeve for reusable gel is perfect for professional and amateur sportsmen and women who provide sport injury treatment as well as anyone who suffers from regular muscular pain or discomfort.  A handy pouch to hold either a hot or cold pack of reusable gel, this sleeve is comfortable, with an elastic and velcro fastening, which makes it easy and pain-free to fit and remove.  The extra layer of fabric offered by this sleeve means that your skin needn’t be in direct contact with either ice packs or heat packs, making your muscle treatment a whole lot more comfortable.

  • 28cm x 14cm blue pouch to hold your hot or cold pack. The pouch accommodate most of gel pack size.
  • Wide stretchable band 55cm x 8cm.
  • Soft mesh material allow optimal circulation of the heat or cold from the pack.
  • Strong wide velcro strip on one side of the band to secure the sleeve on the limbs or other parts of the body.
  • Velcro strip on the pouch secure the gel pack inside the pouch whilst wearing.
  • Overall length of the pouch with the band is 73cm (unstretched), 135cm (stretched)
  • Reusable
  • Blue and black so discreet and equally suitable for men and women
  • Prevents direct contact of hot or cold pack

Cold packs for injuries

It’s now a well-accepted fact that either heat or cold helps soothe muscular injuries and discomfort as they arise, on the pitch or at the side of the court.  A great way to reduce swelling and bruising, applying a hot or cold pack to a damaged muscle or ligament is likely to aid recovery and healing time as well as reducing immediate pain.  No matter whether you’re treating a hamstring injury, an Achilles tendon incident or a damaged ankle, this sleeve will be a welcome part of your emergency kit. 

Other uses for hot and cold packs:

Hot and cold reusable gel packs are also ideal for anyone suffering from back pain, sinusitis or menstrual cramps and associated pain.  This ice pack sleeve can be used in conjunction with either a hot or cold pack reusable gel. 

Recognized as a great way of increasing circulation and giving temporary relief to muscle pain, back pain, sinusitis, migraine and period pain, hot packs are easy and quick to heat.  All you need to do is immerse them in boiling water for between 4 and 10 minutes and then pop them in this sleeve before applying the sleeve to the affected area.  Cold packs take an hour or so to freeze in the freezer compartment of your home or work fridge/freezer.  Cold packs are a great way of reducing swelling, easing toothache, headaches and fever without the need for pills or medicines, so are safe for children as well as adults.

When it comes to ordering, if you need more than one reusable sleeve, you might be interested in looking at the discounts offered by using our ‘Enjoy lower pricing when you buy more’ button above.  Either way, if you order today, you’ll benefit from free UK delivery to your home or office within 3-5 working days.

This Emdiq sleeve for reusable gel is only one of a range of medical supplies we distribute on a daily basis to our discerning UK customer base.  Once you’ve added this product to your basket, why not take a few moments to look around our site to see if there are any other items you’d like to order?  And don’t forget, if you have any questions about any of our products, all you need to do is contact us using the form on the site or give us a call.  We’d love to hear from you.

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